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Welcome to


Alicia Lee Farnsworth's Virtual World of Fine Art,

Digital Illustration, Web Graphics,Tarot, Poetry,Steel, Wood and NOW Mosaic Sculpture...

COME SEE Alicia's latest Mixed Media and Ceramic Mosaic PIECE

called "Winter Memories"

and many fabulous others at the

2011 Lake County Eco Arts Sculpture Walk

on the main trail of the Middletown County Park on Dry Creek Cut Off road in Middletown, Lake County, California

The 2011 EcoArts Sculpture Walk will be on display from June through late October 2011

and may be viewed anytime during daylight hours.

The Artist Reception was Sunday,

June 12th 2011, 11 am- 3pm

There was music refreshments,the art, the artists and, of course, the great outdoors...Although the reception is over you can still see the art along the man trail until it is removed in Late October 2011.

As always, wear sensible footwear and sun protection. It tends to be hot sunny and sometimes windy!

A a 4' by 5' mosaic of rural road and treesWinter Scene

"Winter Memories " for EcoArts of Lake County 2011 by Alicia Farnsworth

Ceramic, Marble and stone ceramic mosaic tile on a steel base with a wood frame.


" Persephone Emerging" Reworked for 2010!

This time the goddess can be had for $2400Winter Memories

Persephone Emerging by Alicia Lee Farnsworth Painted steel wire figure emerging from Lava rocks. Photo by Herb Lingl for www.arportmuse.com

Photo By Herb Lingl 2010

"Persephone Emerges" again in 2010 !

This time with new colors and a new swanky base.

The base gives her a little status deserving of a godess.

Her new custom base holds the lava rocks and obsidian from which she emerges

as part of a December 2010 Gallery Exhibit ar the Petaluma Airport

called "Celebrating the Female Form: Drawing, Painting Sculpture"


She was just one piece in a group show of several emerging artists

curated by Herb Lingl of Airport Muse, See www.airportmuse.com

The opening reception was Saturday, Dec 4th 2010 from 5 pm- 8pm at the Petaluma Airport,

561 Sky Ranch Road, Suite E for more info call (415) 763-0800


Alicia also Hand Printed a special edition of 24 prints, matted from the original"Queen of Orbs" linoleum block. This print edition will hopeful develop renewed interest and publishing opportunities for the "Artful Impression Tarot'

Qriginal prints are still sale both framed and unframed


Unframed Archivally matted on Rives paper- S75

Framed and Archivaly matted on Rives paper -$175

just contact Alicia if you are interested



2010 PAST WORK A composite of perforated metal repouse panels and stone mosaic

for Eco Arts 2010

"Roadside Attraction"

Artist, Alicia Farnsworth created this Steel Landscape Diarama of Clearlake with Mosaic Mt. Konocti freestanding with a large wood frame. It is nstalled from June through October at the Middletown  County Park as part of Lake County EcoArts 2010 sculpture walk.


Artist Alicia Lee Farnsworth created this 4 by 6 by 2.5 foot perforated steel  repouse landscape of Clear Lake and mosaic Mt Konoct. It is freestanding in a grassy natural park in Middletown California and has a big international orange wooden picture frame. Part of the 2010 Lake County Ecoarts 10 Sculpturewalk.


Alicia's first mixed media mosaic landscape was done foe the 2009 Ecoarts Sculpture...

"Lake County Mosaic"


Ecoarts 2009 installation was made from, Mosaic Mirror Tile and Stone...

"Lake County Mosaic "is now available for sale.

You may email me or contact Eco Arts of Lake County's Karen Turcotte if you are interested. Comissions and smaller pieces can be made to your specifications.

4 ft by 4 ft colored mosaic of a sunset view of Clearlake and Mt Konocti . The Artist Alicia Farnsworth stands beside it in a rural park setting.



"Last Willow"

My EcoArts piece from 2008 (shown below) Is made from the last of the Pacific Willow that I scavenged from my neighbor. I like the abstract form.

For the 2009 Lake County Wine Adventure on July 25th and 26th 2009. I spruced up this piece, adding more tung oil and more red accents. The piece was installed installed at Six Sigma Winery for the wine tasting event. "Last Willow"is for sale. You may email me or contact Karen Turcotte if you are interested. Comissions and smaller pieces can be made to your specifications.



A 6 foot Carved Abstract Wood Sculpture, Carved from Pacific Willow with Tung oil finish and red painted accents in some of the carved grooves

The 2008 EcoArts Project, Last Willow and the 2007 Daphne piece are both

Carved Scavenged Wood with tung oil finish.




She was my first venture into larger scale wood scupture. She was also the first to greet you on the 2007 EcoArts Sculpture Walk trail.

She is 10 feet tall carved from Pacific Willow stumps with California Oak arms.

All wood was scavenged from my neighbor's yard after he cleared his lot to build a house. She is finished with tung oil and stain.



The picture below was Alicia's piece for the 2006 EcoArts

called "Lake County Landscape" (as it was installed in 2006). It was refurbished for 2009 and on exhibit at Six Sigma Winery for the Lake County Wine Adventure July 25th and 26th This piece and Last Willow were both on display there for that 2009 wine tasting event. I also displayed this piece at last summer's Blue Grass Festival at Anderson Marsh State Park. This piece is still available for sale. Contact Alicia or Karen Turcotte of EcoArts of Lake County if you are interested in owning this peice or others. Smaller peices and commisions can be made to your specifications

Lake County Landscape was my first steel diaramic landscape. It has painted steel panels with a wood frame.

From the front This sculpture looks like a traditional landscape view of Mount Konocti and Clearlake in Lake County. It is actually a series of panted perforated, expanded and solid sheet panels. The piece is translucent and in certain lights the layered water panels resemble sparking waves... especially with a little wind. It is best viewed in the morning. This picture was taken at about 1 PM. See more pictures at the sculpture page or go to www.slaggirl.com to see the sculpture from different angles.

Questions about the Sculpture?

Email slaggirl@artfulalf.com

EcoArts 2005 Project

The EcoArts 2005 sculpture, "Persephone Emerging"has been reworked for 2010

Click here for more details or Click on the Eco Arts link below

See many of the past EcoArts sculptures in a Virtual Sculpturewalk at the EcoArts Lake County Sculpture Walk website

Click on the images below to see more

Click Here to read the Myth of Persephone


Persephone, shortly after first 2005 EcoArts installation. In the shade


welded steel

Later in the day the sculpture was in full sun. It is welded and painted steel with Local Lake county lava rock and obsidian at the base

Book Covers

Four different Book Illustration done in 2004 for variety of books published by client www.wheatmark.com

Click on the images.

"Lost Lonely and Locked-Up

"Hollow in the Woods"

Children's Illustration



Click on the above "Magic University Coloring Book" completed October, 2001 to see more

Click on the Bunny Above to see "Bunny Bingo" game illustrations, Completed September,2001

Tarot Art

Click on the linocut image above to see more card images from

The Artful Impression Tarot Deck. Copyright 1996-2001

Click on the Image above to see other digital art and illustrations.

logo design

web graphics



Click on the menu buttons to the left to see samples of Alicia's work and interests.

The website design, logos , text and picture contents were created by her.


All images and words copyright Alicia Lee Farnsworth,1996- 2010. Do not use content without previous written permission.

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